Make some noise

Ready the velvet gloves. This is as fancy as portable Bluetooth speakers get. Seven years ago, hi-fi manufacturer KEF created the Muon speakers: limited edition, super-high-end aluminium towers with a price tag of over 1 Crore. The KEF Muo is descended from those.

Its outer shell is a single piece of aluminium (in one of five colours), supposedly inert and good for eliminating unwanted vibrations. Underneath are a passive bass radiator and two 5cm drivers. These are a miniaturised version of KEF’s Uni-Q driver, which has a tweeter in the centre of a mid/bass cone to improve clarity and off-axis dispersion. AptX Bluetooth is the focus here, but there’s also NFC and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Boom or fizzle?

Boom, because the KEF Muo sounds as good as it looks, which is very nice indeed. It may be the size of a beer can but you wouldn’t think that from listening.

It’s a room-filling sound, brilliantly tonally balanced and packed with vim and vigor. The Muo has the audio solidity of the B&W T7, below, but offers even greater detail and punch. You get remarkable insight and bags of energy whether you’re listening to Taylor Swift or John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack.

You can stand the speaker up or lay it flat, but to us it sounds best when horizontal. Bluetooth pairing is speedy, especially with a responsive NFC chip that doesn’t require repeated phone/speaker bonking. Once connected, the signal is stable within a 10m range.


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