Sleek, simple and minimalistic have always been Swedish major Jays’ mantra.

The Jays m-Six wireless is crafted especially for gym and sports enthusiasts, keeping all the troubles they go through in mind during a workout - earphones falling, wires dangling and a lot of sweating. Jays sort of found a fix and we put these on to see whether these are worthy enough to be your workout buddy.


Design and build: Oo, what are those?

The Jays m-Six wireless come in four colourways (dusty rose, moss green, sand and black) to suit your personality and style. The black ones we used look extremely attractive compared to other sports earphones and matte black fans will dig this colour scheme over others.

The m-Six look simple, neat and classy once you’ve put it around your neck. It’s got a not-that-long rubber wire, a decently built earphone and a ear-hook for added grip. Unlike others, the battery nests inside the earphone and you can control music (play/pause) using the button on the right earbud. Where’s the volume rocker? We feel you, reader.

If you’re using these for the gym or for your everyday runs, these feel light, secure and fit in like a brick in a wall. They won’t bother you by falling off mid run or come in the way while picking up weights or doing upper body asanas. We challenge you to headbang to the Gojira’s L'Enfant Sauvage album and these won’t fall off.

Although there’s one problem. These are specifically made for your workout and maybe a little commute to get to your gym or training centre. Once you’re done listening to music you can’t hang them around your neck because they might fall off due to the short wire. You have to either put them into your pocket or into your gym bag. Or just let them hang off your ears and be weird.


Sound: Crisp like pringles

Before we explain why, let's get this out of the way first. The Jays m-Six wireless aren’t for banging bassheads.

Since we can remember, Jays have always maintained a very balanced sound note with most of its earphones, including the a-Six wireless. It’s tuned to keep the music balanced from all sides and tries to maintain that crispness too.

We really wish the volume levels could get a bit louder, since these are especially made for your workout. Using these at home is fine, but if you’re at the gym or training outside you’d be jamming your volume up button on the phone a lot more.

Play Amerika by Young the Giant and you’d immediately notice the lack in bass in the background and the drums won’t give that kick like it should. But the good part is, its 6mm drivers make the bass rather felt than heard, but it doesn’t have the body as most of us at the Stuff HQ like it.

The question is - if these are meant for workout enthusiasts, why does it lack that thump? After all, it’s the bass that pumps you when you’re working out. But if you like running to Adele or Jose Gonzalez, then go ahead full-speed.

The m-Six wireless sure do not justify its price tag because it lacks two main ingredients - the loud volume and banging bass.

Stuff says... 

Jays m-Six wireless review

Jays’ handsome gym-buddy loves sweat but doesn't justify its price tag if compared to others in the competition
Good Stuff 
Neat and sleek design
Amazing feel and fit
Sound is crisp
Runner’s delight
Unique charging
Bad Stuff 
Battery life could be better
Volume is low
Average microphone for calls
Lacks the thump in bass
No volume rocker
Charging wire isn't universal