Do you live in a concrete jungle where dreams are made of? If yes, then the Jabra Elite 65e wireless with ANC powers will prove to be a keeper. Trust us.

Jabra launched the Elite 45e along with the 65e, which is the cheaper and smaller version, without the thicker neckband and ANC trickery.

We tested these out in Mumbai's trains, mucky rain and never-ending traffic to see whether these have the potential to block the noise and turn your life into a music video. With professional ANC added to the mix, these sticklers make the perfect combo to help you tune out from the real world, and tune into the music you’re playing. Curious to know our story? Read on...

Design: Black panther

The Jabra Elite 65e sports a neat and stylish, not that heavy collar neckband that you put around your neck (obviously). It’s made out of rugged rubber and has copper-bronze finishes that add onto a little bling to the design. It’s also available in Titanium Black you know.

It’s IP54 rated with a two-year warranty, so don’t worry about it getting damaged or spoilt too easily. These are able to withstand a minor shower, sweat or spillage if you’re outdoors or in the gym. Too skeptical? You can keep them safe in the case given with it.

They come with Jabra EarGels (silicon) packed with three different sized ear hooks (or fins) and earbuds so you can choose your suited best. You don’t want it slipping out whilst you catch a running train. Once found the perfect fit, these earbuds fit in right and steady. They don't feel too tight or sticky on the ear. Just about perfect we’d say. Sticking in the right size would also increase and refine the quality of bass, add onto better passive noise cancellation and lesser pain if worn for over a couple of hours.

Because of its three microphone tech and ANC (if switched on), having long conversations on the phone tend to become tireless and easy. There’s no need to pull in the mic to make the recipient understand what you're saying. Everything is clear and quiet, just the way we like it.

It’s got a plus and minus button on the right side for volume control, a central button to switch on/off, answer/end calls and play/pause music. We prefer buttons over gestures any day. On the left, it’s got a dedicated ANC button which lights up if switched on and you could call in the assistant (Google, Alexa or Siri) with a tap of another button if you’re curious to know what song is playing or to know what’s the weather like. Convenient right?

You can charge these up within 2hrs through a micro USB slot at the under the neckband.

If you’ve already tried or worn something like these earlier, you’ll be pleased to know the wire doesn't dangling from left to right while they lie on your chest. These have magnets behind the earbuds so they stick together like a necklace. It’s super handy when you’re picking up calls, pausing music or looking for an accessory for your neck. Just detach and plug it into your lugholes to begin speaking. Once you’re done, stick them back so it’s easier to pick the next call.


Sound: A head full of bass

There’s one thing that’s really good about the Jabra Elite 65e, the potential to excite bass-heads. Just turn on anything bass-centric, maybe something like Madness by Muse or Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes or even Take On Me by a-ha and watch your head nod when the bass kicks in.

If you’re into something like Bon Iver, these sticklers won’t disappoint either. Turn on Wash. by Bon Iver and notice the crisp highs and the slight bass ripples. It’s not too sharp and balances out the other details quite well.

Or turn on Give A Little Bit by Supertramp and ready your air-guitar for some fun. The high pitched vocals are delivered decently and the bass in the background is played with brilliant detail.

Sometimes, we felt the treble is a bit underplayed and overshadowed the bass, but with most songs, it felt just fine. Did you know there's an app you can play around with too?

With the Sound+ app, you can increase the highs, mids or lows through the app’s custom equalizer. Tune it to your comfort and liking.

You can switch on its HearThrough mode so you don't miss out on platform announcements while commuting by train. There’s also a Focus Mode wherein you can set the sound mode to rainfall or birds chirping if you’re looking for to maintain concentration levels while you write emails, documents or numerous tweets.

In totality, the sound experience was overwhelming and fun on the whole. The music felt quite immersive and energetic. Songs that were played at high volumes seemed clean and crisp with no sign on distortion or tear.

The ANC experience: Commuting joy

We reckon by now you already know how Active Noise Cancellation actually works. So we won’t bother explaining it. If you’re not too familiar, you can click here to read more on it.

Jabra’s crammed in professional graded ANC to make sure your music, calls and workouts are more than just OK. The ANC comes handy if you’re working in a somewhat 9-5er job in the city, commuting about 2-3hrs in traffic or trains throughout the day and find yourself in the midst of never-ending arguments which you don’t want to be a part of.

These block out about 70% of outside noise like traffic movement, continuous, mechanical noises such as the hum of a plane or thrum of a train, footsteps, office chitter-chatter and other low-pitched sounds.

If you fancy a quick read or a 5 min meditation during your works hours or on the commute back home, then go ahead! The ANC feature shapes an environment that makes you feel like it’s just you and the tunes. The only thing you should be worried about is the environment you’re in or the person sitting next to you. Always be attentive.

Being in-ears, the 65e blocks out the sound even more than an over-the-head headphone. Although, no headphone/earphone can fully block out all the sound unless you stick something right deep in your ear.

We must say, that once you're used to canceling out unwanted noises it gets hard to do without it. Using these earbuds in a city like Mumbai makes traveling or working so much easier and peaceful. We're hooked and just can't do without it now.


Battery and Connection

Battery and connectivity are one of the two pillars when it comes to choosing the right wireless earphones/headphones. It's got Bluetooth 5.0 for snappy connections to your smartphone or PC. However, we came across a few playback issues while traveling in really congested trains and places. But here’s a tip if you don’t want that happening, avoid blocking your phone and give it space to breathe.

Watching Final Space on Netflix and YouTubing videos was an absolute joy. We didn't notice any kind of overlapping or delay in the audio. We connected it to the PC and the phone and kept switching audio sources when demanded. It really comes in handy when you’re working on two devices simultaneously.

The battery lasts about 10hrs without ANC, and 6-7hrs with ANC. Personally, we preferred keeping it switched on because it made music sound even better. However, you can go two days without charging it if you’re not constantly using it. You can check your smartphone to check battery levels.

Tech Specs 
1x MEMS, 2x ECM
Frequency range
20Hz to 20kHz
Wireless range
Up to 10 metres
IP Rating
2 Years
Stuff says... 

Jabra Elite 65e review

These collar styled bass-banging wireless earbuds are commuter's musical weapon
Good Stuff 
Stealth looks
Tight and snug fit in the ears
ANC is awesome
The Sound+ app is convenient
Bad Stuff 
No AptX HD
Treble is a bit underplayed