Reebok and Juun.J give a new-age twist to the retro Pump Omni Zone

Pump up the jam
18 August 2021 / 18:31IST

Reebok’s iconic pump sneakers from the 1990s are making a comeback in a modern avatar. Can you feel the nostalgia? Originally launched in 1990, the Pump Omni Zone is getting a new-age twist thanks to Korean fashion designer Juun.J. Called Pump Omni Zone II, it stays true to its roots with the added bold, yet minimal aesthetic of Juun.J. The shoe is built of supple leather with perforated detailing up front. You get three colour options that are in line with Juun.J’s aesthetics – brown, black, and white. Everything from the laces, leather and the pump itself is made to suit the colourway. The Pump Omni Zone II will be available from August 19 for ₹18,999.