Reebok and Bodega collab brings us the new Club C Legacy

New style for the new era
06 August 2021 / 16:56IST

As our social and dating calendars slowly come back on track, it is time to bring out those sneakers, or better, invest in a new one. Almost on cue, Reebok and Bodega have teamed up again to revitalise the Club C Legacy. The collaboration celebrates the brands’ relationship, and Bodega’s 15-year anniversary. The sneaks use brown suede and mesh along with purple details. Also visible are the gold foil Bodega and Reebok logos. You also get a blank key inside that reads ‘cannot be duplicated’ because Bodega preaches the importance of ownership. You can truly own a pair of the Club C Legacy for ₹9,999, and it will be available on Reebok’s website starting August 7.