Post Instagram pics even in freezing winters with Mujjo Smart Gloves

You can even pull out your phone in the Arctic, if it still works
05 November 2019 / 15:53IST

With the winter moving in, all we want to do post our best face on social media. But would you dare pull out your phone in those frigid winters? Whether you’re on vacation or simply braving the cold in town, Mujjo’s Touchscreen gloves will keep your hands warm enough to bravely pull out your smartphone and post your next coffee pic. What’s so smart about them? Unlike regular gloves, these are designed to work with your smartphone’s touchscreen, so that you can keep spamming your followers even in stormy weather. Choose between the knitted, sandstone, crochet or insulated gloves on starting at €20.62 (approx ₹2000).