Go Pogboom ‘cos the Adidas Predator 18 is for midfield madness

Can you bend it like Beckham?
02 February 2018 / 15:23IST

The Adidas Predator boots were one of the most iconic football shoes (only 90s kids will remember). So what happened to them? Maybe Adidas focused too much on Messi but the name David Beckham still turns heads faster than Christian Eriksen’s goal. So they’re back and this time possessing Pogba’s nimble footwork that’s driven by the laceless top for maximum surface area. It has CONTROLFRAME and a FORGED KNIT, which are just fancy words for explaining how comfortable and what superior material the boots have. Made especially for midfielders for movement stability they even have a new hybrid stud tip configuration that amplifies rotation and traction. So you can pull off a Dele Alli workrate? Watch out United fans. They’re available now as part of the Adidas’ Cold Blooded Collection and these Predator 18 in particular cost ₹12,999. So it’s either money control or ball control.