Get your fitness freak on without anyone knowing thanks to Timex

A subtle and stylish approach to fitness trackers
27 April 2017 / 15:15IST

We here at Stuff India are very understanding and do not judge what people do with their time. We also totally understand if you feel the need to monitor your health closely without drawing attention to it. Timex is here to save the day for such people, with the new Timex IQ+ Move. Mating modern technology with undeniably sophisticated, contemporary design and an analog watch face, this fitness tracker is as understated as your dad’s old wristwatch. The IQ+ Move is smart too. It tracks your steps, calories, distance walked and even monitors your sleep. You do not have to worry about charging either as it runs on a traditional watch battery. As all things these days, the watch is to be used with its app to monitor your health in detail. The Timex IQ+ Move is priced at ₹9,995 and will be available at all Timex Stores.