Garmin’s new Fenix series is all about the sun...

...and it lets you track almost any activity under it
08 November 2019 / 15:38IST

Yup, it’s the legend of the Fenix and there doesn’t seem to be an end to this beginning. The new Fenix range is a suite of six strong contenders coming in at different sizes, but the big hullabaloo is all about the Fenix Pro Solar and its whopping up to 90 day battery life. How does it make that happen? Apart from using the sun as its source of vitamins, the Pro Solar comes with a power management option that allows you to select what activity the watch should track and gives you an option to switch off those you don’t need, reaching that 90-day magical figure. The new Finix, apart from retaining all of its older skills, will now also realise the switch times the user encounters when he has just completed one activity and is gearing up for another. What’s that? How does one have the stamina to do that? Well, clearly with prices starting upwards of Rs. 90,000, the Fenix series is meant for the more hard-core athletes out there. If you’re more of a indoors-y person, we suggest you wait for the new Vivomove series to launch next month.