Fossil’s new smartwatch can last days on a single charge

... depending on how you use it
21 November 2019 / 15:08IST

Every Android smartwatch owner goes through this. You start your day by slapping your smartwatch on your wrist, and by the time you head back home, it’s barely usable thanks to the tiny batteries inside. Don’t even dream about using it to track your fitness at the gym, cos it will probably get exhausted well before you do. Fossil has now come out with its Gen5 smartwatch that aims to solve the battery-life issue, and a few other problems as well. Priced from ₹22,995, the new smartwatch is powered by Qualcomm’s 3100 chipset with 8GB of storage and 1GB RAM. These are obviously faster than the previous generation, but thanks to its Extended Battery Mode, it will last you several days on a single charge. Also new is what Fossil calls a “Swimproof Speaker” that, well, lets you hear what Google Assistant tells you and even answer tethered calls. Available in a 44mm case and a 1.3in touchscreen, this WearOS-powered smartwatch works with both Android and iOS smartphones.