Ambrane’s new wearable Flexi Fit can healthify you in just a few bucks

Why ‘can't’ you be so heartless
19 July 2017 / 15:04IST

We blame the internet for making fitness bands trend. Weren't normal wrist watches enough already? That too just to see how many god damn steps you’ve taken. The AFB-11 Flexi Fit, a wearable, which can track your heart rate, receive calls, texts and also keep count on how many calories you burnt off from that gulab jamun you ate yesterday. Ambrane’s Flexi Fit is not only a fitness tracker, but it also features a sedentary reminder, a camera remote shutter, which helps you up your selfie game and track your phone in case of an emergency - it's got a tracker inside a tracker. Got what we did there? The Flexi Fit also fits in an OLED display with notification and doze off alert, in case you're too busy to pull out your phone in the rain, train or traffic.This fitness tracker is compatible with iOS and Android, and both, waterproof and dustproof - perfect for Indian conditions. So for the price of ₹1,799, the Flexi Fit can be your best buddy and is exclusively available at Flipkart.