Vespa’s AI-ready Elettrica is the scooter of your electric dreams

And it’s riding into the world in October
31 August 2018 / 17:29IST

When it comes to Italian stereotypes you don’t have to look far down the list to find a Vespa. The iconic two-wheelers have been clogging up the streets of cities like Rome, Milan and Florence since 1946, belching out enough fumes to make Michelangelo's David cough. But come October he can breathe freely, when Vespa’s first electric models hit the stradas of Europe. As well as the all-electric Elettrica, there’s also a hybrid Elettrica X (both prices TBA), which doubles the range to 200km, with a full battery recharge time of just four hours. Vespa has even said the Elettrica is ready to be fitted with AI systems that’ll make it aware of vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity, so not only will the motor be silent, the horn might be too.

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