Xiaomi’s Mi LED 4X PRO 4K telly and soundbar is made for bargain hunters

Doesn’t get cheaper than this
23 January 2019 / 17:22IST

4K and HDR at ₹39,999 for a 55in telly? You wouldn't be surprised if we told you that Xiaomi’s at it again and as the long standing track record goes, bang for the buck is quite synonymous with the brand. Keeping matters simple, this Android telly packs a nifty processor and 8GB of storage. Banishing button-busy remotes in exchange for a minimalistic and bluetooth-enabled remote. Meanwhile the 43in (Mi LED TV 4A PRO) Full HD cousin drops at a wallet-seducing ₹22,999. Also, to complete the full package of home entertainment, Xiaomi launched a Mi Soundbar for ₹4,999. Impatient junkies can pick it up from the Mi India website but we'll be reviewing the 55in Mi LED TV 4X PRO and the Mi soundbar soon so be sure to check back.