Philips’ 803 OLED turns SDR into HDR

Second-generation P5 picture processing promises improvements to non-HDR content.
05 September 2018 / 18:40IST

Philips’ 9002 OLED range has been our number one TV pick since its release, but even the best products have room for improvement. Its successor, the 803 series, aims to boost the majority of content that most people will watch on the TV, namely non-HDR stuff. The secret sauce is the new and improved P5 picture processing engine, which promises to make SDR look more like HDR. How? Well, the processor will take the video input and intelligently boost the contrast, brightness and colour in real-time, from minimum, medium and maximum depending on how you set it. The difference was obvious in side-by-side comparisons we saw. Other improvements include support for the new open HDR10+ standard, a dual tuner, and a 10 per cent brighter picture than on the previous model.