Mr. Butler the soda maker makes year-end party planning easy peasy lemon squeezy

Thank you, Mr. Butler!
07 December 2018 / 11:17IST

This ain’t no Jesus to turn your glass of water into wine, but it does turn it into an interesting add-on to your other hard liquor. At ₹3400, Mr. Butler Soda Maker is a promising addition to your bar, especially if you’re one to consume the transparent fizz on a regular basis. Your regular grocery guy may lose business, but your pockets will certainly thank you. Its superpowers lie in fizz control and can be customised as per individual preference, serving its duties as an efficient butler. One cylinder squirts out up to 175 glasses of soda and you can choose from four different colours - black, white, orange and blue. Start planning those year-end parties coz you’re never running out of fizz ever again, mister!

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