Want a portable gaming rig? Asus ROG G701 is all you need

ROG and RGB here, but the price will give you the heebie jeebies
07 September 2017 / 17:29IST

Take a laptop chassis, put all the wonderful gaming tech on this planet, add lights, make overclocking easy and there you have it. It’s an Asus ROG high-end gaming laptop that you’d love to have but the eye watering ₹3,49,990 price tag will put your kidneys for sale. So if you must put your kidneys on sale and not have the trouble of maintaining a giant PC rig, the ROG G701 does everything you’d expect from a high-end gaming desktop. It's got an Intel i7 7th Gen processor with overclockable Nvidia GTX 1080. And here’s the interesting part, it's got a 120Hz 4K display with G-Sync. In simple terms it means your in-game graphics will look so good that you’d want to lick it. It doesn’t end there, it's got an anti-ghosting keyboard to make every click count in those intense online fire battles. With up to 64GB of RAM and faster-than-Bolt SSDs, it’ll be faster than your decision to sell a kidney.

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