Tenda can make your devices internet-happy

Four antennas to help you surf
13 March 2020 / 15:42IST

Internet is now (almost) considered as one of the most important basic human needs after food, clothing and shelter. However, faster internet is a must and if your existing wireless router cannot provide that to your devices, then you should look for an upgrade. If you are budget conscious, then Tenda has a perfect router for your home. The F6 V4.0 is a 300Mb/s 2.4GHz beamer that will satisfy that internet cravings for most of your devices at home. Powered by a Qualcomm chip and beaming MIMO using four 5dBi antennas, your dead spots can be reduced to the minimum while extending the range further too. Use it as a basic router or add it to your existing router as a range extender for other rooms, this ₹1199 router will enrich your network.

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