Microsoft’s Hub 2S is the ultimate tool for teamwork and creativity

And doesn’t come cheap either
21 May 2020 / 1:31IST

For those who are slightly confused, the Hub 2S is essentially an all-in-one digital whiteboard that is used in corporate boardrooms and advertising agencies to improve teamwork and creativity. But while most digital whiteboard solutions are little more than glorified upgrades to the good marker and board system, Microsoft’s Hub 2S takes the concept to a whole new level, allowing the user to harness the full power of Windows 10. The Hub 2S features a 50-inch, 4K, multi-touch display that when paired with the Surface Hub 2 Camera and Surface Hub 2 Pen can result in the best quality video conferencing and a canvas-like experience for note-taking or mind mapping. The main goal for the Hub 2S is to bring together and allow seamless collaboration between remotely located teams thanks to Microsoft services like Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Teams and the likes. Pitching this state of the art piece of tech to your boss for your office may not be easy. though, considering it costs a whopping ₹11,89,999. 

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