Microsoft Surface Book 2 finally lands in India packing mighty innards

Simple on the surface, complex on the inside
07 August 2018 / 12:33IST

The Surface Book 2 has finally docked on Indian shores after enthralling designers, audio producers and every other pro that would usually run towards a Mac for unprecedented performance and portability. This year-long tech drought from Microsoft's Surface team has been fruitful to say the least. We've got both, the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Laptop for anyone looking to enjoy Microsoft's take on premium laptop offerings. Evidently enough, the Surface Book 2 is packed to the brim with delicious tech. The outside magnesium alloy chassis is again a two piece affair. The 15in (also in 13in) screen pops out from its dock and turns into a tablet that'll also work with the Microsoft Surface Dial and Surface Pen. At times of button mashing, the dock itself has a tactile keyboard and for added grunt: an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card too. The cheeky tablet/screen sandwiches the main brain. Housing an Intel i7/i5 8th Gen processor with upto 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. I repeat. A. 1TB. SSD. Gulp! Well, now you know why it's excessively powerful and consequently costly. The 13in variant is starting from ₹1,37,999 and the stupidity powerful 15in variant is starting from ₹2,22,499.

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