Caution! XEBEC will make you highly productive

Add two more displays to your laptop
21 November 2019 / 15:11IST

Using a laptop on your journey is a given — they are meant for portability. However, when you arrive back home or at office, your laptop takes its place on the desk, and that is when you actually find out that you could have opted for a larger display size. However, wait — you do not need to give up. This new Kickstarter display kit will add two more screens to your existing laptop within a few seconds. No mounting, clips, magnets, nothing. It just slides out. The two additional screens are synchronised, are just 1 inch, weighs less than a kilo and draws power from your laptop itself. So yeah, since you will not need a larger monitor anymore your productivity will get a boost even on field. PSST…. do not tell your boss you bought one.

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