BenQ EX2780Q will show you the true colours of Call of Duty campers

Black eQualizer will give you Denzel Washington powers
28 February 2020 / 17:37IST

Call of Duty of 2019 had maps that allow campers to thrive. And like any single-celled organism, it’s hard to see one with the naked eye and even harder to shoot a bullet through one – but not if you know your way around the BenQ EX2780Q. It’s got BenQ’s Black eQualizer that sheds visibility on darker areas so you can spot enemies faster and has a Color Vibrance mode that would put John Cena’s camoflauge to shame. Snobby gamers should be excited to know that all that cat and mouse chase with firearms will happen on an IPS panel at 144Hz and at 2K resolution as well. So pull up your socks and hammer down those savings; the party trick of the EX2780Q comes from the built-in 2.1 array speakers. It even has a built-in light sensor to adjust colour and saturation actively with its HDRi mode and a remote to effortlessly make necessary changes as you seem fit. It’s available now for ₹36,990.

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