Samsung’s Galaxy On Max puts low-light photography into focus

Say cheese even in low light, look like a million bucks
17 July 2017 / 14:18IST

Good news for those selfie-obsessed ranters who have actually gone on to buy a separate flash so their night-time selfies look near decent. A dual SIM camera with 5.7in screen, octa-core processor, 32GB 4GB RAM, 13MP front and rear cameras for ₹16,900 is what we’d call a good bargain phone. Wait a minute ‘coz that’s not all – here’s the best part. The pre-set Aperture value of f/1.7 is what will make Galaxy On Max a favourite among creatures of the night. Whether at a nightclub or capturing the sunset, the low aperture does the trick, making the owner a pro at low-light photography. With a pretty decent battery life too, click, click, click away!