The Nokia 2.2 delivers advanced Android One in a budget

Face unlocking at the price take away the pedestrian feel
07 June 2019 / 14:17IST

A true budget phone that doesn’t look budget at all… a humble man’s dreams are made of these, and here’s the Nokia 2.2 just to cater to that once-upon-a-time impossible dream to achieve. A teardrop notch atop its 5.71in 720p display, 13MP back camera, facial unlock capabilities with "liveliness detection" to prevent spoofing via still photos - here’s everything premium in a less premium package. The plastic-ky look is sure a giveaway but there’s no denying the little extra style and polish that’s pumped into its Android One ambitions. Also the lowest price point to get a dedicated Google Assistant button, Nokia sure is a budget phone that at least looks like it punches above its weight. Available in two color variants - Tungsten Black and Steel, the Nokia 2.2 is priced at ₹6999, and will be available for sale globally from June 11. Click here to pre-book yours now.