Snuggle up with Qoobo, a headless robot cat pillow with a lifelike wagging tail

Take some purrsonal time
09 November 2017 / 12:00IST

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone wants their own headless, limbless, immobile cat to stroke. After all, you get all the snuggly warmth, with none of the poop, nor claws raking down your face. Or so hopes the team behind Qoobo (¥10,000 – about ₹​5,700), a cushion that resembles a cat minus several important bits. That said, if you don’t crack a smile on seeing the thing in action (rub Qoobo and its tail swings playfully), you may be dead inside. So perhaps this thing can ‘heal’ people after all; and if nothing else, you can always get one and half hide it under a cushion, then await the screams when guests discover the furry abomination that’s lurking under there, casually flicking its tail.

Where to buy

Qoobo is already fully funded on Kickstarter. Pledge before 3 December to get your own sort-of cat cushion in ‘husky gray’ or ‘French brown’.

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