Samsung’s wind-free aircon prevents dust and prickly cold

Easy as the wind
02 September 2020 / 16:46IST

If pollution wasn’t bad enough, we now have to deal with air zombies too. With Samsung’s first PM 1.0 filter AC, viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter the A.C. It’s a brand new wind-free A.C which the company claims is India’s first air conditioner that can filter unwanted dust particles as small as 0.3-micron in size. The three models are one-way cassettes, four-way cassettes and 360 cassettes that are all upwards of ₹90,000. It also comes with an electrostatic charger that removes all viruses and bacteria. The filter is washable as well as reusable. It is power-saving and wi-fi enabled which also comes with state of the art sensors that provide accurate information to users regarding cooling and air quality. Samsung’s wind-free technology prevents the direct flow of cold air over your body. Once you set the temperature, wind-free cooling slowly pushes the air out of 15000 micro holes so that you do not suddenly feel cold. Could this be the weapon of choice to fight airborne viruses?

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