Artize luxury showers can do what nature can and more

Make it rain… with the appropriate temperature and pressure
28 February 2020 / 14:56IST

The funny thing about wealth is that you can buy things you probably don’t need but can absolutely have. And when products start doing nature’s business, it becomes easier to be enticed by them. Take Rainjoy+, for instance – a luxury overhead shower that comes with showering modes like Rain, Intense, Mist and even Massage. It costs ₹2.6 lakh, but how can you put a price on mother nature? Right? Even the Artize Showertronic iV6 that costs an arm and a leg (₹4.9 lakh) is infusing tech to automate a bathing experience with its electronic thermostatic mixing system. There are multiple sensors with six valves and water temperature profile for the user and other fancy stuff that can be controlled with a smart touch controller.

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