Air Vistara’s AI robot RADA is your airport assistant and entertainer

29 May 2018 / 18:57IST

The so-called ‘future’ as we call it has neared a little faster than we think. RADA can greet and interact with customers with hand movements, will be able to answer basic queries like ticket offers or prices, news and weather updates, guide you to your boarding gate, scan boarding passes, will provide real-time flight status and just the basic stuff you’d expect from a robot at an airport. Will she...or it keep your kids entertained whilst you catch a break? Absolutely. This is just the beginning my friend, since RADA’s a curiously intelligent learner, she ought to get smarter, faster and better with each day with more human interactions and updates. Air Vistara’s Artificial Intelligent robot will be initially placed in Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 at Vistara’s Signature lounge post July 5. Mark our words, robots are going to take over the world.

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