Razer’s Project Linda is a smartphone-powered games machine

13.3in laptop chassis transforms your Razer Phone into a full-on gaming machine
11 January 2018 / 10:36IST

There aren’t many famous Lindas, are there? After Linda McCartney and Linda Lusardi there’s a bit of a drop off to Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor in Terminator 2) and Linda Blair (the foul-mouthed devil child in The Exorcist). But Razer’s new contraption hopes to give the name a boost. Project Linda ( tba) is essentially the chassis of a laptop with a 13.3in Quad HD touchscreen, 200GB of storage and a space where the touchpad should be for a Razer Phone, which provides all the power. The phone’s 5.7in screen can be used like a traditional touchpad, or, if you have a mouse attached, a second screen for launching apps and tools. And Linda Lusardi couldn’t do that, could she?

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