Make the most of the sun with James Blunt’s Afterlove Tour in Bangalore

The star will be making India feel beautiful, come April 9…
26 March 2018 / 10:30IST

The English refuse to free us from their reigns. First they took our diamond, now they’ve got us hooked on to British produce... musical, in this case. Book your tickets for James Blunt’s Afterlove Tour and the flight to Bangalore, if you haven’t already. April 9 is is closer than you think. The handsome ex-reconnaissance officer of the Life Guards will have you dancing to his tunes when he makes a pit stop in India, between China and Hungary. Don’t waste time! Tickets are priced between 3839 and 14079 and can be booked here. While he makes you all feel beautiful, we say just hear the music… he’s your man! So long, Superstar, send us a Postcard when you’re gone…

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