Puma's revamped line of sneakers brings new tech and snazzy soles

Puma throws a Jaab at us!
06 May 2019 / 22:03IST

Inspired by boxing, these cross trainers will let you move more swiftly around the urban jungle. Or so they claim. We’re waiting for our feet to send the review to our brains. Who isn’t a sneaker head these days? We have sneakers on our head all day long, ironically. So, Puma took note and asked us to try out their new Jaab XT multi-purpose trainers that feature a Hybrid cushion that includes both their NRGY beads and IGNITE foam. While the former provides instant cushioning, the latter provides responsiveness and energy return. Now while all this might sound more like automotive tech and brake regen, it’s not too far off anyway. Navigating the urban jungle or the war zone of a gym in Bandra at 8pm is equally life-threatening and the Jaab XT manages to keep you sharp with its bold branding and comfortable with its elasticised bands and unique lacing structure. The sock-like fit and lightweight construction will make you forget you’re even wearing any footwear and if that helps you achieve greater things in life, go ahead. While we put out feet up and take for the gram. Priced at around 6500, they’re available in colours other than your mood too!