The next generation PUMA Spike 19.1 is especially curated for Virat Kohli for the upcoming World Cup

But the common man has to pay a hefty price to replicate Kohli’s statement shoe…
21 May 2019 / 15:58IST

Cricket season for is Indians is like Christmas for the white men. It brings us together, we spend money more generously than a poor man hitting the jackpot and collectively don’t refrain from indulging in frivolous get togethers to watch matches, the outcomes of which have no bearing on our day-to-day lives. Maybe with the exception of those indulging in underground activities around the sport… but never mind that! The only close connect we’d like with cricket is to play the sport with our Sunday gang. Even though our batting skills are above average and bowling skills just hit the mark, wearing the new Puma Spike 19.1 could be the shortest ticket to stardom in our gang. The special collector's edition one8 cricket signature shoe for Virat Kohli for the World Cup is one to envy as it hits the shops starting today. The lightweight shoe is designed to maximise performance on the field. Optimal support, cushioning and breathable mesh together contribute to easy multi dimensional movementand stability. Priced at ₹19,999 and being able to sport one of the 150 pieces made for the Indian skipper (with golden spikes - the iron throne may have melted, gold spikes shall survive), we’d be calling the shots on the field while Kohli drives home the dream of another World Cup victory for India.