Keep your photos and music safe with Western Digital’s My Cloud network storage

Networked hard drive offers 3TB space for all your stuff
21 June 2017 / 13:37IST

Collected loads of (legal, we’re sure) music over the years? Got loads of priceless photos of you mugging it up in front of historical landmarks? Be a shame if something were to happen to all that, wouldn’t it? No, we’re not running an elaborate protection racket. We’re just suggesting you get yourself a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device. Western Digital has a new one out - the My Cloud 3TB (₹19,000). Hook it up via a LAN cable to your router, configure File History (Windows), Timeline (Mac) or just install WD’s own SmartWare Pro backup app and you're good to go - you’ll find plenty of options for automated, ‘fill-it-forget-it’ backups that will keep your data safe even if your laptop’s hard drive decides to commit hara kiri. Even better, there’s a My Cloud mobile app to backup stuff from your mobile devices.