Keep your photos and music safe with Western Digital’s My Cloud network storage

Networked hard drive offers 3TB space for all your stuff
21 June 2017

Collected loads of (legal, we’re sure) music over the years? Got loads of priceless photos of you mugging it up in front of historical landmarks? Be a shame if something were to happen to all that, wouldn’t it? No, we’re not running an elaborate protection racket. We’re just suggesting you get yourself a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device. Western Digital has a new one out - the My Cloud 3TB (₹19,000). Hook it up via a LAN cable to your router, configure File History (Windows), Timeline (Mac) or just install WD’s own SmartWare Pro backup app and you're good to go - you’ll find plenty of options for automated, ‘fill-it-forget-it’ backups that will keep your data safe even if your laptop’s hard drive decides to commit hara kiri. Even better, there’s a My Cloud mobile app to backup stuff from your mobile devices.