GamesTheShop is giving away Injustice 2 at a ₹500 discount

Get your cash ready on May 5, a one day exclusive discount
03 May 2017 / 13:03IST

Who doesn’t want front row seats at discounted rates to watch Batman beat up Superman? A very rare thing to see and quite impossible if you ask us. Probably that’s what the folks at GamesTheShop were thinking when they put up this generous offer. The game will be available at 500 discount on the pre-order price on May 5th, not 4th you Star Wars rebel. So, you pay 2999 (actual price 3499) for standard edition and 3999 (actual price 4499) for the deluxe edition. Save the date. The offer is only valid on May 5th for 24 hours. You can avail it using the code StuffIndia. Fun side? You even get the Darkseid DLC with the pre-order. A rare thing indeed.