Fastrack launches a fitness tracker at pocket money price

Get notifications right on your wrist while drinking at a bar
14 March 2017 / 16:28IST

I don’t drink at a bar, it costs money.

Your attendances say otherwise and nothing’s ever for free kid. Hold off from those bottles or you might just move around with a beer belly before you even touch a dumbbell. And then it’s too late.

So get workin’ cos the Fastrack Reflex will nudge you with exercise reminders, mom’s 100 missed calls and ex’s break up messages.

How bad do you think my life is?

Not as colorful as this tracker. It comes in dual colors of chic purple, distinctive black and dazzling blue.

Also, you will not run out of juice during your sleepover parties because it comes with a battery life of 14 days. Fastrack has made it very easy to charge your fitness tracker as the product itself can act as an USB to go into any charger.

I was looking for such an exam partner.

Slow down jumbo, the Fastrack Reflex will only show you notifications, track your sleep and activities, telling you how many calories you’ve burnt.

There isn’t much to it, but getting your notifications on your wrist is more than enough for people sitting inside noisy bars. There’s no heart rate monitor or GPS and other fancy stuff.

Looks like someone needs a trip to the bar more than a college student.

Never! I am avoiding 10 pints to save my precious 2,000 bucks for this watch. It costs ₹1,995 and is available right now to buy.

Will it work with my second hand iPhone?

Yes, the tracker works with iOS and Android and let’s the user track and store data for up to 15 days using the app.

The fitness tracker lacks a lot of features compared to the one’s in our Top 10 but those are simply useless for the audience Fastrack is offering this product to. It’s cheap and affordable and does the trick of looking edgy and reminds you to pick up your mom’s call in the first ring.

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