Royal Enfield wants you to personalise your noggin

The RE MYO is a must for every biker out there
18 August 2021 / 16:35IST

Yes, you guessed it right - MYO stands for ‘Make it Your Own’. It’s Royal Enfield’s latest endeavour to personalise what goes on your head and your body! We’re talking about a choice of helmets and cool T-Shirts that you choose and make your own by adding what you like. There are three types of helmets to choose from - Open Face, Full Face and Urban Trooper! Once selected, the next step is selecting the base colour which varies for the three helmet types however there are more than 20 different options to choose from! There’s regular black all the way to a funky ‘Blue Flakes’. Once that’s done you get to the best bit - adding the decals! There’s over 10 to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and look. Choose what you feel is the closest to your heart and proceed from there to add your very own text to your helmet! Once done, you can select the colour of the fabric inside and choose the final finish of glossy or matte. Select the type of visor and its colour and you’re all done. It’s the same concept with T-Shirts and there are a host of funky badges and prints you can choose from. Want to make a mark? Head over to the store.

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