Leica’s M10 Monochrom is a black-and-white camera that costs as much as you’d expect

Only very deep-pocketed moody street photographers need apply
20 January 2020 / 14:08IST

What do zebras, Newcastle United at home and Leica’s new rangefinder all have in common? What? No, it’s got nothing to do with Sports Direct. They’re all exclusively black-and-white, of course! The M10 Monochrom is Leica’ latest strictly colourless snapper, and comes armed with a new purpose-built 40MP full-frame black-and-white sensor for incredibly detailed shots, and an ISO sensitivity range of 160 to 100,000. Leica says it also features a near inaudible shutter, which will come in handy if you're attempting to stealthily snap a gang of pensioners playing boule on the streets of Paris. The banishing of colour extends to design, with Leica opting to omit its signature red dot from the all-black finish. As you’d expect, fancy photography doesn’t come cheap; you’ll need a spare $8,295 if you want to buy an M10 Monochrom today.