The iCam 500 security camera can record night vision in colour

Wired, wireless or standalone — you choose how it should work for you
17 January 2020 / 13:01IST

If you know a bit or two about security cameras, you should know that they use IR light for night vision surveillance. But the problem with most night vision cameras is that they can only record in black and white because of the infrared light spectrum. The iCam 500 from Secureye is a 2MP NV camera that can solve your problems and will also tell you the colour of the shirt your burglar was wearing last night. The iCam 500 is Alexa-compatible and can be used with an Echo Show or Echo Spot. Record up to 10 days on a 32GB chip, or simply hook it up with Ethernet or Wi-Fi to your NAS at home and relax — you will also know what colour car stopped by to drop your daughter from the late night party.