Qaran shares his love for all things Apple

The future of making music might just be in your hands!
13 March 2019 / 19:46IST

Spending some time at the top of the Indian charts and doing his share of press interviews hasn’t affected Qaran’s passion for speaking about his art. We spent an afternoon with the record producer, composer, musician and DJ talking about his hit single Tareefan from Veere Di Wedding and how his trusty iOS pals saved the day when inspiration struck 35000ft above the ground! Growing up listening to R&B, dance hall and every tenable genre of music, Qaran draws his influences from places and times that are etched in his memory. His love for music has him addicted to Apple Music and he updates his own playlists called Sonic Diaries every quarter with sounds and songs that resonate with him. Although he’s keen to focus on independent music, given the right director/producer, he is keen to push the boundaries in Bollywood. His current hit Tareefan was conceived on a flight while stuck in the middle seat. Armed with his iPad Pro and iPhone, he hummed his way into Voice Memos and imported them into a GarageBand session where the general melody and bass line for the song was created. And its not just the song making process that he trusts his Apple gear with but even for movie-making or story-telling on a budget, they’re invaluable. Nestled in the luxurious home-theatre lounge at the Cinebels outlet in Bandra, Mumbai, he opens up about his influences and his artistic vision about the future of music.