HiFuture claims their TWS are superior, smarter, more intelligent

Includes some smart sensors and smart tech that makes it unique
19 November 2019 / 12:45IST

While the audio market is flooding with speakers and headphones, the TWS market seems to be in tough competition. And why not? Everyone wants to head the way Apple did. HiFuture, an international brand that has now set foot in India, claims to be unique from the rest of the rivals. Their offering, the FutureBuds, is focused towards audiophiles. It features a 4-mic integration technology and full-range sonic reproduction, with neodymium magnet-based drivers for better sensitivity. As for the smart part, the company states that each earbud can automatically sense when it is being plugged in and automatically enables the mic and ENC for that earbud. Other features include 6-hour battery life (25 hours total), touch buttons for AVRCP, Google/Siri support, Type-C fast charging, and more, all for the price of ₹6999 and in two colours — white and black.