FiiO EX1 is titani-yum for your ears

Hi-Res Audio certification with a titanium driver diaphragm for maximum eargasm
25 April 2017 / 15:28IST

How’s this any good you ask? Well, for starters, the FiiO EX1 2nd generation in-ears have Hi-Res Audio certification. Capeesh? Secondly they’re neatly packed inside a stainless steel and aluminium alloy shell. Capeesh? Capeesh? Thirdly, they use a titanium driver diaphragm (a material used in aerospace mumbo-jumbo) to better handle transients and give a more clear and powerful sound than the typical dynamic driver. Capeesh? Capeesh? Capeesh? Lastly, they have in-line music controls, a microphone and a call button. Capeesh to infinity. But wait, they also have 3.5mm L-type gold-plated plugs and use a polyurethane cable. Capeesh to infinity and beyond! But wait again, they cost only 4,299 and are available on FiiO India’s website. Over and out.