Bentley takes its Naim+Focal association further

New name for exclusivity
14 September 2020 / 19:18IST

When you’re a Bentley owner, simply parking your Flying Spur in the VIP parking bay of the club isn’t enough, it seems. Focal, the biggest audio brand from France and Naim from the UK are both official partners to Bentley in all things audio and they have a solution. The Radiance are closed-back headphones that wear the Bentley diamond motif on several of its surfaces, finest leather for the earpads and even the trademark Bentley wings and copper finish to ensure owners don’t miss their 4-wheeled royalty when on the metro. The 40mm drivers ensure that the sound is refined enough to match the looks. Once home, the award-winning Naim Muso takes over duties as a bespoke Bentley Special Edition all-in-one music system. Wrapped in Ayous, an African hardwood that is expertly stained and lacquered multiple times is used for the first time on a Naim Muso along with copper-threaded weave tones in the speaker grille to evoke typical Bentley styling. While these products won’t be cheap as expected, anyone who’s ever harboured a desire to own a Bentley but found it out of reach can prebook these products at