Audio-Technica’s new turntable packs super sonics into an affordable wood finish

Japanese audio specialist branches out
09 January 2019 / 15:01IST

Among the goodies launched at CES, Audio-Technica’s new turntable is ideal for design-loving vinyl botherers. The AT-LPW30TK packs the usual refined sonics that you’d expect from the Japanese audio gurus, with an extra boost given by the wooden chassis’ natural acoustics and resonance-busting skills. The teak-finished turntable sports a gorgeous design with mid-century vibes, making it instagrammable as hell and at just £259 (around ₹23,000), it’s (hopefully) not going to clear out your bank account. Landing in spring, the belt-driven deck features an adjustable counterweight along with a hydraulically damped tonearm lift control for some seriously smooth vinyl-spinning action. Sure, you can get cheaper wood turntables, but Audio-Technica’s wood-based debut offers unparalleled looks and audio chops at this price.