Horror can never truly be inflicted when you have a pistol and health packets dropped around. Resident Evil series is not exactly the most terrifying set of videogames but they do set the atmosphere and mood and The Medium tries to cash on something similar and send you spiralling down its twisted, confusing and purely linear campaign.

It’s a movie. Pretty much everything about The Medium can be summarised as a playable movie but not exciting enough rub shoulders with Naughty Dog’s cinematic bangers. No sir. The Medium is, in its own way, a story-first videogame with simple movement and simple game mechanics

Oh, I don’t have a gun, what do I do? What can you do? The story is about a woman who is a Medium. What is a Medium? Only Cole Sear can best describe it, and to quote his iconic words - I see dead people. A Medium is someone who can see dead people or lost souls who need a ticket out of here.

The eight or so hours of gameplay starts off really slow. The game only kicks into full gear after the first four hours which is to say the first half is either too bothersome or the second half is hella exciting. Either way, the game spends too much time letting to stroll through the many corridors of an abandoned vacation resort which reminded us of Silent Hill’s hospitals. Just less dreary. The atmosphere and level design reminded us of Silent Hill games too in some ways and the static camera angles are quite reminiscent of the old Resident Evil games.

But unlike the old horror games, The Medium doesn’t rely on jump scares or any such conventional methods to spook you. It’s the story and the ‘creepy other side’ that really sends your mind fumbling into thoughts. This other side is triggered throughout the story and you’re allowed to interact with both worlds at the same time. The game even renders the two together with a split-screen. Actions in one world affect the other and so this opens the door wide open for puzzle mechanics.

It’s not as complicated or intense as we thought. Puzzles are simple and the only thing you can do is walk around the place interacting with objects and places of interest before you understand the puzzle. You do get a spirit blast and shield but they’re not used for combat. The game simply takes you through an interactive session of a really nice movie. Well voice-acted too. Although some cut scene animations could’ve been better, especially the one where Marianne (the main character) has a conversation with Sadness (A lingering spirit of a child).

The Medium Verdict

Play it if you must but The Medium only kicks into high gear after the first four hours. If you manage to scrape through the tedious first half, the game starts to get interesting especially if you’re interested in twisted murder mysteries with an itch for bizarre supernatural incidents.

It’s not your typical overly-gruesome and stacked-with-jump-scares kinda scary. The psychological horror of The Medium is subtle and intriguing enough for a try. Especially if you’re sitting on an Xbox Game Pass.

Stuff says... 

The Medium review

If its a movie you want to play, The Medium is fresh and different for everyone
Good Stuff 
The second half of the game is where the chunk of the meat sits
Interesting enemy
Bad Stuff 
Not scary enough
The first half is lacklustre
Poorly optimised for PC
Puzzles are basic