If anything comes close to a South Indian movie, it is this game right here.

Outrages entrances, corny dialogue and extremely satisfying action - Devil May Cry 5 is a good reason to believe that Rajnikant had a pivotal role in the game’s development.

Jokes aside, Devil May Cry 5 is by far the best and the most interesting game in the series. Where Rajnikant runs the show in all his movies, Devil May Cry revolves around three characters each with different play style and personal agendas to defeat the blood-stealing demons.

After a very long debate inside a Mahindra Scorpio, we think that Devil May Cry 5’s three characters closely represent Rohit Shetty’s cop movies. Allow us to explain...

Demons will cry

The story picks up after Devil May Cry 4 but the premise is slightly simple for a DMC game. You start off as Nero, who’s doing his regular business of slaying demons left, right and centre. As the story progresses you come across a new mysterious playable character named V. He might remind us of Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and even his emo demeanor was almost similar.

Later on you get to play with Dante as well. All three are on a mission to kill a demon named Urizen who planted a demon tree in the middle of the city that is draining people off their blood. The story keeps switching between different timelines and does a really good job of tying all of it together. We were really immersed into its story and the tons of cutscenes made us smile brighter than the cast of Golmaal.

Yes, the game has a lot of cutscenes and we loved every bit of it. Not only because the graphics and character models look so good, but also the story itself was paced perfectly. The game also explains the story in the menu option so newcomers can easily pick it up as well.

Simmba, Rowdy and Singham walk into a bar

Satisfying combat is at the heart of this game. All three characters are different with unique playstyle and abilities. Each have such absurd and hilarious weapons that you'll fall in love with them easily. Not because they're funny (actually that and) but because it gives the character and the game so much personality and vibe.

Nero’s left hand is always holding on to his dearest Red Queen sword. It has a bike accelerator which increases damage when you… Well, rev it! It's hilarious and very useful in combat. Meanwhile, his right hand is missing for ‘story related reasons’. So you instead get a mechanical extension that can be swapped with unique parts called Devil Breakers. There are many different types of Devil Breakers that add an insane amount of variety to Nero's fighting style. There's a rocket launching arm that locks on to the enemy and keeps hitting them but can also be used to skateboard around in combat. Another one can slow time or Megaman’s blaster that also makes Nero jump like the beloved blue robot. To deal with enemies from afar, there's also Nero’s trusty Blue Rose double barrel gun which never seems to run out of bullets like any of Rohit Shetty's cops.

Adding complexity to fun is Dante's combat. It's by far the most varied and overpowering. Like before, Dante can switch stances between Swordsman, Trickster, Royal Guard and Gunsmith. These in itself add a layer over the four long range and four close range weapons. Our favourite weapon so far in the game was the Cavaliere. It’s literally a motorcycle that splits in two chainsaw-ish weapons. It’s absurd but so much fun to use.

V is the third and the most interesting character in the game because of his vague personality and surprisingly different combat. Unlike most hack and slash game characters, V doesn’t do the fighting himself. In fact, he takes a backseat during combat and commands three demons that he can summon at will. In his muster roll, there’s Griffon, a demon bird that offers long range combat and has a big mouth. He talks a lot and shares most of his personality with Iago (the parrot) from Aladdin. Shadow is a shape shifting beast that looks like a black panther. It’s ideal for close combat. Lastly, Nightmare is a giant monster that can level most enemies easily. V’s physical body is as strong as a house of cards so he’s usually around the edges of the combat arena and only enters to finish of enemies.

Devil might carry orbs

The game wastes no time, forcing you to run around hacking demons in the most fun way possible. There’s a heavy focus on how stylised the combat is with more variation and antics you execute, the better your chances are of fully experiencing what Devil May Cry has to offer.

Red orbs are an essential part of the game because they serve as currency to upgrade your arsenal and unlock new moves. The game also lets you try out the move set before spending your precious red orbs on it. You can pay to purchase red orbs which might infuriate a lot of people but the game doesn’t force it upon you. It rewards you with red orbs extensively throughout its nine hour gameplay without forcing your wallet out.Yes, nine hours is extremely short for a single player game. Most gamers might even finish the first run in a single day or maybe two. This is quite disappointing because by the end of the game we wanted to play more of Devil May Cry. Not hoping for another game but just be able to have more hours into this very game.

Stuff says... 

Devil May Cry 5 review

DMC 5 has managed to hack and slash its way into our hearts
Good Stuff 
Very good story
Combat is fluid and complex but not overbearing
Three characters offer unique variation in the gameplay
Graphics are 2019 worthy
Hilariously quirky
Bad Stuff 
9 hour story mission is too short