Left 4 Dead was an iconic game that was synonymous with zombie video games. It’s the same folks behind that legendary franchise and even now the original formula seems to be undead…  

For newcomers, this zombie mashing game is not like the Resident Evil series. One stroll around the Back 4 Blood website and it’ll tell you that this is a cooperative first-person shooter. Co-operation is the key to moving forward with your zombie-smashing joy!

Our hands-on session with the Open and Closed Beta was in the first act of the game. There were no cut-scenes and any type of story building aspect, which I assume is because it’s the Beta version. But if that carries to the final game as well, then it could be a little dead in the storytelling department. Visually, though, the game speaks volumes. The zombies do look pretty. In an undead-and-half-eaten-by-your-mates way! It’s a level-based progression game, and each section of the map looks great and varied! Weapons are detailed and look quite realistic on the highest settings. We played it on 2K with settings turned all the way up. Initially, the game was scraping through with 45 to 55FPS but then the FPS literally doubled with DLSS set to Quality! Even on entry-level gaming laptops like the Dell G3, the game pushes a stable frame rate, albeit you won’t see DLSS benefits on non-RTX cards. If you’re looking to jump in with your buds, make sure to keep the game on an SSD or NVMe to cut down on load times between checkpoints.

There’s a base of operation with all sorts of sections. You can get the feel of all the weapons in the shooting range meanwhile the other zones were blocked until the final version of the game. There’s also a section to organise cards and decks that offer various boosts to your character and squad. It’s not bad but it’s a very tedious way to assign temporary boosts. There’s are separate decks for the campaign and the PVP mode. Once you organise your decks, the cards will either be randomly assigned to your team or you’ll have to select a few from a sub-set of five. Thankfully, the game’s not as boring when you’re trying to feed bullets to the starving munchers.

Initial Verdict

Back 4 Blood is made to be played with friends. Solo fun is rather half-hearted and coordinating attacks, card decks and balancing the squad has a heavy impact on how you enjoy this game. We went in solo and didn’t enjoy half as much as we did with a proper squad chatting on Discord! That said, there are still aspects of the game that are hidden until the final release so stay tuned for the full review.