One of the best pairs of in-ears we've heard for a long time, the Final Audio Design Adagio IIIs have arrived to add a touch of luxury to your commute.

Japanese high-end hero FAD routinely turns out headphones costing four figures, but that doesn’t mean it’s scrimped on these brilliant bargain buds. They might have a slightly stuffy and pretentious name, but they're actually excellent fun - poised, punchy and more interested in details than even the most thorough US Secret Service agent.

They're twice the price of our favourite ultra-affordable in-ears, the SoundMagic E10s, but the enhanced build quality and musical detail make them worth the extra if you can stretch, and that's why they make such a strong impression on our Top 10 list of the best headphones in the world right now.

You may never have heard of Final Audio before, but you can buy a pair of Adagio IIIs in confidence.

Stuff says... 

Final Audio Design Adagio III review

A gorgeous pair of sound-isolating in-ear headphones
Good Stuff 
Decent looks for a pair of in-ears
Loads of detail and punch
Bad Stuff 
No in-line mic