Your next set of wheels could look a little something like this

Prepare for the inevitable petrolhead, because the future points to electric and Nissan’s paving the way

That gas guzzler of yours can only take you so far.

We’re square in the middle of an EV revolution with more manufacturers each day displaying their version of future auto. Nissan’s at the forefront and shows no signs of slowing down. We sample some fine examples of its EVs in the land of the rising sun…

Image design: Kritika Dayal


Based on the brand’s butch Navara pickup, here’s another concept with noble intentions. Built to navigate through some of the world’s harshest environments, its platform allows life-saving rescue mission operations. In motion, the vehicle constantly charges two 2kWh battery packs housed in weatherproof casing on-board. That kind of portable power could charge critical equipment on missions.

As hard as nails as the pick-up may be, its dimensions could be limiting. That’s when the attached DJI Phantom 4 could be deployed to literally get a birds-eye view of the critical situation ahead. The video feed is beamed right back to the pop-up HD screen safely secured in the vehicle’s load bed wall.