What to do if your iPhone crashes from the text bug sent via WhatsApp

Yes, you might know how to recover your iPhone from the text message bug, but what if a sneak attack occurs via WhatsApp?

Apple's temporary workarounds only apply when someone sends you the line of crash text via Messages. But what if someone sent it to you via WhatsApp instead? Your iPhone is done for. 

Or it was, until we stumbled upon the cure for the WhatsApp bug in our attempt to test the fixes for the Messages one. 

What happened

When the overzealous sender in this experiment decided to send the kill code four times - two via text message, and another two via WhatsApp. We got out of it easy with the text messages, but the kill code sent via WhatsApp nearly bricked our iPhone for good.

The iPhone just started rebooting endlessly. We couldn’t unlock it nor could we switch it off. We couldn’t summon Siri, couldn’t send a WhatsApp message to ourselves nor could other people send a WhatsApp message to us.

We were quite simply stuck. Helplessly watching our iPhone reboot time and time again, and heating up quite a bit along the way.

What you should do

Don’t panic, there is an easy fix. Just remove your SIM card and wait. And frankly, that’s just about the only thing you can do at this point anyway.