Put the iron back in your man!

Synonymous with timekeeping for teens, Timex has just stepped into the sweaty business of fitness bands. We put it to the ultimate test.

Step counting and sleep analysis isn’t new, but its accuracy varies wildly between the different brands and models.

So what makes this Timex stand out? For one, its accuracy in step counting is the best we have encountered so far. It was within 50 steps of our own mindful counting to the luncheon and back. But that’s not it, obviously. It also has other talents and some missed opportunities. It monitors your sleep, but counts on you to tell it that your downtime starts now. That seems kinda pointless and the band assumes you have fallen into REM-level sleep instantly. Same process when you wake up. Even the Work-Out monitor expects you to start/stop the stopwatch, making it not very smart for a smartband. These things ought to be deciphered by the built-in sensors and accelerometers by now.

Discomfort Inn

For something that is meant to be on your wrist even more than a watch, the Timex Ironman isn’t really well-contoured. Half of the band is rubber and the other half is hard plastic that sits right on your wrist bone, making it a chore to wear while you’re typing. Even the charging cable is actually a strap that you strap onto the strap. Confusing? It sure is.

Show me the calories

On the plus side, the display is bright and also supports call and text (SMS only) notifications upto 30 characters. Battery life is tremendous and we easily got about 15 days of use time on a single charge. The 5-second screen time-out doesn’t seem to lessen this in any way and it’s the single biggest reason for investing in this tracker.

Strangely, although Timex doesn’t seem confident on claiming its water-proofness, we tried it out anyway, and after a very wet weekend in Goa, it was functioning as good as new. Deep diving, jellyfishing or practicing breaststrokes, it survived it all. It may just be Iron Man’s choice, after all.


App daily

The supporting app won’t win any design awards, but clearly and logically shows all critical data that culminates into your daily goals. You even get a vibrating congratulatory message on achieving daily milestones. It will show your work-out times, sleep schedules, daily steps and calorie burn all by the textbook and syncing is quicker than usual. On most occasions, it took a mere 5-7 seconds for the app to get in sync with the band and always kept them both paired without a glitch.

Its asking price of around 9999 is a bit on the higher side, considering it doesn’t have advanced analysis or a heartrate monitor. If you buy this, it will be for its fantastic battery life, water-resistant nature and its step count accuracy. No, it won’t miraculously give you six-pack abs, but it will help you fetch that glass of water on your own.