Mahindra Adventure alters their Camp Out property to cater to female drivers

Women behind the wheel, and on the road...

Off-roading, as we all know, is your typical thrill seeker. 

Club it with a nice weekend getaway, camping under the stars and driving a vehicle that’s designed to endure, and it’s a match made in heaven! Here again, what most people don’t realise is the fact that women are as interested and equally capable of driving into the unknown. Of course, a little knowledge goes a long way in the wilderness. It can be an all-women activity, and it doesn't have to be a gruelling drive that most people associate off-roading with. That’s where Mahindra Adventure’s Camp Out getaways come into play. 


Championing the cause of women

It’s not the 1960s anymore! There are more female car buyers as well as drivers on the roads than ever before. And let’s admit it, a fair bit of them share the same DNA that demands a surge of adrenaline every once-in-a-while. Placing them firmly behind the wheel, the purpose of this campout was to move away from driving stereotypes and open doors for more such getaways for women in a perfectly safe environment. 


Our vehicle of choice

Mahindra let loose a fleet of their XUV300 (diesel-manual variant) for this overnight campout in Khandala (near Mumbai). This able compact SUV was taken around for a mini off-station drive through a short forest trail and back into the city ‒ all in a quick 24 hours ‒ with no complaints whatsoever! However, for a quick taste of off-roading in real conditions, the ladies were escorted to an off-roading trail identified by the M&M team in the very capable 4x4 Thar and imparted basic instructions on how to deal with basic off-road conditions. Just enough to excite them enough to sign up for the Off-roading Training Academy at Igatpuri? Well, maybe!